5 Guyz coming in May 2019


5 guys and 1sister all living in a small Vermont town that couldn’t be any further from a bustling (real) city.


3 virgins, 2 inexperience men without a clue and 1sister on overload trying not to strangle any of the 5 men.


1 bearded mystery, 1 sister who doesn’t date anymore because of ‘heartus brokenus’, 1 upwardly mobile poser of a brother, and 3 furry hermits?


5 neanderthals and 1 princess at her kitchen table.  This sounds strange but it works…..really.


Can Dylan, Rex, Brandon, Jared, Zander (aka Josh Wilks) and Bash (aka Sebastian/Bash Jackson) write an:


  1. epic, erotic, comedic, romance novel?  Is this even possible? Can they write? Can it be good or even sell? After all the fights, makeovers, sleepovers, trials, tribulations, laughter and dates in the dooryard?


Can they get the job done? If anyone can pull this together, it’s Angelique Martin……..No really.